16 September 2011

I can tell he'll be there for life.

That moment you ponder in your wardrobe, convince yourself of however much you buy, you really - and i mean really - have nothing to wear and wish you could have something a little bit like this.. aka an entire H&M store.

Country Girl

Jumper (£24.99) / Skirt (£14.99) / Necklace (£3.99) / Boots (£29.99) / Bag (£14.99)

The perfect lazy Sunday attire.

Emerald Green & Cranberries 

Emerald Coat (£39.99) / Dress (£14.99) / Nail Varnish in Red (99p) / Boots (£29.99) / Mittens (£6.99)

Strikingly strong yet simple bold colours.

Gossip Girl.

Jacket (£29.99) / Shoes (£7.99) / Blouse (£9.99) / Shorts (£9.99) / Nail Varnish in Deep Purple (99p) / Hat (£12.99) / Bag (£14.99) / 10 Pack of Rings (£2.99)

You couldn't get any more Serena if you tried.
Winter Warm Amber Orange Hues.

Dress in Orange (£14.99) / Ring (£3.99) / Suade Boots (£39.99) / Bag (£14.99) / Faux Fur Jacket (£39.99)

A great tailored bright dress with banging accessorises that give a certain edge.

Check, Chunky Knits.

Scarf (£7.99) / Long Jumper (£19.99) / Nail Varnish in Red (99p) / Two Pack of Knitted Tights (£12.99) / Necklace (£3.99) / Boots (£14.99) / Necklace (£3.99) 

I adore these boots! And whats not to love with a chunky knitted dress and tights.


Paris, oh la la!

Coat in Navy (£34.99) / Nail Varnish in Cream (99p) / Bag (£14.99) / Gold Bracelet (£6.99) / Boots (£39.99) / Dress in Cream (£14.99) / Beret (£3.99) 

I need this coat in my life, and you really need the boots in yours. I actually already own them! They are perfect, affordable riding boot around.

Oversized Skinny.

Dress (£39.99) / Tube Scarf (£7.99) / Two Pack of Knitted Tights (£12.99) / Bag (£14.99) / Ring (£3.99) / Boots (£14.99) 

A more oversized knit dress with a simple satchel, yet an eye-catching red gem.

Emerald Green Bra (£9.99) / Floral Bra (£9.99) / Dressing Gown (£29.99) / Plum Bra (£9.99) / Light Pink Bra (£9.99)

Because whats underneath really does count! 

H&M is truly coming up trumps this season, so affordable but great everyday pieces. If only i could mix and match my own wardrobe so well, sigh.

Which look do you prefer? Honestly, i may have to slowly buy 'em all!


  1. I might be being a bit dense having been bowled over by the images but can you tell me where all the flat boots are from?


  2. OHMYGAHD you're killing me. Firstly the emerald coat: NEED. The £9.99 pussy bow blouse, brilliant. But that Navy coat is the most amazing thing every! Totally reminds me of Lauren Conrad in the Hills Paris episode! Haha xx

  3. Ahhhh... How much I want ALL OF IT!!! :) These riding boots from the first combo are on my wish-list! :) X


  4. I had a mooch around H&M earlier today actually, got a gorgeous teal infinity scarf, wrap cardigan and a couple of tops - I thought their summer stuff this year was a bit on the boring side, but I totally agree about their autumn collection - I am desperately in need of that dressing gown it looks like the snuggliest thing ever! :)

  5. I like them all actually! Your styling is spot on, loving H&M

  6. How have you made me want the entire stock of H&M?

  7. I think the country girl boots are amazing! but i love the whole look below it. gonna get straight to h&m this afternoon I think xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  8. need them all! the country girl look is just lush as anything. loooove the emerald coat, the satchels, the fit and flare dresses (own the white-wearing it TO DEATH!) .... hmm might have to pull a bank style heist on a h&m store, I appreciate normally the law frowns on that sort thing but I am pretty sure they will understand as the clothes are so cute....xxx

  9. Oh man I need just about everything! H&M is on fire this season, just popping into town to treat myself to a burnt orange midi skirt I saw on Thursday. I've been thinking about it everyday!

  10. wow... I haven't shopped in H&M in absolutely ages- I may have to pop in an spend some monies that I don't have now! lol

    I may also have to get that beaut of a key necklace! I've been lusting over the tiffanys one for months!!!


  11. Not gonna lie you might just have encouraged me to go and um buy the whole of H&M maybe?

    Ha-ha absolutely LOVE these looks :) like all of them! Im desperate for the chunky knits, orange dress + black boots -sighs- torture at it's finest and most gorgeous!


  12. When I win Euromillions I'm hiring you to be my personal shopper. The orange outfit's my favourite, that coat!xx

  13. If you've put these together yourself i love it!!
    I work at H&M and i'm always thinking on what key pieces to buy as there is so much stuff to buy!!

    I've printed this page and definitely going to be looking at these pieces!!

    Pairs oh la la!! love this look.. also i love your blog!!!

    if you live in london could you please let me know as i'd love to forward you blog to Moduspr beauty department there always looking for new blogs as an intern its been one of my jobs :)

    I've also started my own blog to.. www.theonlywayisbeauty.blogspot.com


  14. want everything from the emerald green and cranberries! and i love the jumper from the first look too:)
    xo Elly @ strawberrylacemoustache.blogspot.com

  15. I love every single outfit! I will blame you for my sever decrease in my bank balance haha.

    Jade xx


  16. i love the outfits and the rings! the purple bra is my favourite too xx


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