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Beauty Talk: Charlotte Tilbury Collection Part 1

29 January 2017

It goes a little like this: when a package of Charlotte Tilbury landed on my doorstep jam-packed with goodies from her new collection, I gasped, screamed in excitement and have pretty much been mouthing 'ME?' under my breath ever since. That and slapping it on my face of course.

After giving both the Instant Look in a Palette and the Quick 'n Easy Kit a full rundown over the last month, it was high time I shared the love...

Instant Look in a Palette - Seductive Beauty 

Next in the palette pipeline was a seductive, smokey version of the Instant Look in a Palette. Housed in a sleek burgundy compact, the perfect size for traveling or handbag stashing for desk to dinner plans, it contains 3 shadows, 2 blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter.

When it comes to all-in-one palettes, I've been left feeling pretty irked in the past. The quality is never up to par and there is always a dud shade that makes your eyes roll back so far into your head, you question yourself, your life and the brand.

On price alone, this palette is a savvy little way to get in on the Charlotte Tilbury action - and just look at the the bronzer, blushes and highlight - THIS is what hit the excitement levels for me.

Firstly the bronzer, what a dream. More pigmented than the likes of my Nars Laguna, it's a buttery soft matte powder that gives a good boost of tan, which looks natural and pretty effortless. No muddy streaks to report here thank you.

It's worth noting that surprisingly Tilbury doesn't have a run of the mill bronzer in her wider collection, but if she were to launch the palette bronzer in her collection, I would snap it up in an instant. That's a testament to how freaking impressed I was.

The highlighter I'm pleased to report is very similar to the iconic shade in her Filmstar Bronze & Glow kit, although this is slightly peachier in shade. The formula is so light without being stark (looking at you Becca), I take a large fluffy shadow brush and sweep it across the top of my cheekbones for a subtle day-time appropriate glow.

The blush shades pack a delightful punch, one to swish and one to add a pop. They both revived my lacklustre skin with an instant zing and refresh. Full marks from me.

Finally onto the shadows - again very buttery soft (similar to the likes of Urban Decay) and easy to blend. It is worth noting however that they are cool toned shades, which is great if thats your thing but as I prefer to warmer tones, I dotted the champagne shade in my inner corner for a poppin' glow.

Buy it: if you want a handy blush, bronzer and highlighter combo palette - perfect for everyday or travelling. This will be tucked away in my make-up bag on all my adventures this year. 

Quick 'n Easy kit - Red Carpet Party 

Before we dash onto how much this red lipstick is an absolute beauty - can we appreciate a) the hella savvy price point of the kits b) the snazzy little bag that answers all my travel dreams.

Tucked inside were all the essentials for a Red Carpet Party. And whilst I may not receive many er invites for parties of such nature, I pretty much swooned hard over the red lip duo. Having sussed out this handy tutorial on the Tilbury website, I had a good go at recreating the look.

Wonderglow highlighter, I'm on the fence here. Described as a highlighter to create that 'soft focus look' - I'mma fess up and say I found it to be glittery if worn under foundation. Preferring my pores not to sparkle, I choose to pat it on after my makeup application for a softer, more contained glow.

The Rock 'n Kohl liner in Barbarella Brown is everything a kohl pencil should be. A softer alternative to a black liner, this is super easy to apply (it glides like a gel), smudges if preferred or drawn neatly to create a flick. Nicely done CT.

A massive fan of the Tilbury Lip Cheat pencils already, this was no exception. Effortless to apply when wearing a bright lip, they are a godsend at keeping everything in place and um basically it's like colouring in the lines. Worn with or without the lipstick, this shade Kiss 'N Tell was soft enough to line the entire lip and lasted a good chunk of the day.

Paired with the Matte Revelation lippie in Red Carpet Red, I am smitten. You can see me rocking the shade here and loving life. It's the easiest shade of red I have in my collection, wearable without looking too try hard. Also, notice the shape of the lipstick? Makes application a dream if you are monstrously cack-handed like I am. WINNER!

Buy it: if you wanna give a range of Charlotte Tilbury items a whirl - especially if it's pay day and you fancy / deserve a treat.

Sorry not sorry if you're feeling enabled but I'm a fan girl through and though. Stay tuned this week as I will be sharing some of my other Charlotte Tilbury faves - turns out I actually have enough bits to be deemed a collection. 

Now excuse me, I'm off to campaign to get the bronzer made into a stand alone product - pretty please?

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