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Style: How to detox your wardrobe

26 January 2017

Conflicted - those were my weekend long thoughts. The motivation for decluttering the shit out of my wardrobe wavered slightly between driven and wanting to take a nap (of which I did, in between piles of jeans, I have no shame). But I did it. I blitzed, de-fuzzed and got ruthless. And now I am truly prepped for new year. Ready to shake of the old, and fill my wardrobe up with the new (see what I did there?).

This is my fool-proof guide:

1. Sort, pile, action.

Be warned, this is where your motivation will peak. Remove everything out of your wardrobe, literally everything. Take this opportunity to hoover, dust and give your wardrobe a good old airing.

Next sort into piles of:

Keep: clothes that will carry you through to next season.
Ditch: bits that have gone past the charity shop stage - next destination? The bin.
Pack away: begone Christmas jumpers and snazzy partywear.
Defuzz & mend: the clothes you wish you could wear but they need repair.
Those that no longer spark joy: eBay 'em or take them to a charity shop.

2.  Out of sight, out of mind.

Whilst the very idea of not wearing a chunky knit may send literal shivers down your spine with this week's temperature, switching in your spring bits from last year and switching out your heaviest winter knits, faux furs and party wear, will breathe new life into your wardrobe. And will encourage you to feel almost, almost, spring like.

I store all my out of season bits and bobs in vacuumed packed bags, neatly stashed away in boxes under my bed. Trust me, once you vacuum pack - you never go back. Don't forget to pack away shoes either.

3. Give life to trusty faves.

Hands up if the thought paying out for the dry cleaners makes you roll your eyes into the back of your head? Yes, I thought as much. Considering that the price of a dry cleaners is roughly fashion maths to 'might as well buy something from H&M for the same price' - winter coats do not fall under this rule. I will save you from my long rant about how expensive coats are, but for the sake of £20 - your coat will feel so fresh come next winter and you'll thank yourself for it.

Give your trusty knits a good old revamp with a knitwear comb, or more specially a cashmere comb. Literally blitz away the bobbles in a gentle manner and have your trusty jumpers feeling as good as new.

And whilst you're on a roll, mend any buttons and give everything a good defluff.

4: Going, going, gone.

Last year I decided to only invest in clothes that spark joy - not meaning they were all expensive or were exceptional quality (although I did try) - but pieces that I knew would fit me well and that I wouldn't tire of. The year before that, I bought pieces that didn't fit me -  *looking at the 79878709 pairs of jeans right now*.

Adding these strictly to my eBay pile, there were also clothes I simply fell out of love with or deserved to be rehomed. In my diary I currently have a hot date with the eBay app, 35 mailing bags en route and a realisation that my next three weeks will be spent in a post office queue - but that extra spending money for new season goodies, I'm game.

5: Refresh.

Make a list of bits that you need. Has your breton died a death? Your white t-shirts looking not so fresh? Yeah sure we all want that M&S flared sleeve knit - but it will look shit with your more saggy than skinny jeans. Oh and stick new hangers on that list too - go on, life is to short to not treat yourself.

Now all that's left to do is nap, and online shop to refill your wardrobe. AKA the fun stuff.

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