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The Lust List: 20% off River Island

22 January 2017

Whilst my chunky knits have been in strong rotation and my 100 deniers livin' it large, I'm ready to shake off the old and be in with the new. Well, within my very, very slim January budget that is. Having sneakily spotted a savvy 20% River Island discount in Grazia, I practically snapped up the star blouse in a heartbeat. And then of course whilst casually adding more pieces to my never cashing out basket, I stumbled across these... pretty impressive huh?

Trench (£75) ∙ Star blouse (£30) ∙ Oversized jumper (£40)  Navy stripe top (£22)  Pink coat (£75)  Cable knit jumper (£36) ∙ Midi skirt (£35) ∙ Star lace top (£38) ∙ Faux suede grey biker (£55) ∙ Trophy coat (£75)

20% off with the code: GRAZIAJAN17 - quick as it finishes Monday night!

In stark contrast to the likes of Topshop with this hideous monstrosity and this eyesore (open links at your own peril) - River Island seems to have stepped up a gear. I kind of want it all. Especially the knitwear. And the trench. And the lace star print blouse. 

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