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5 Things Friday: The perfectly pink flats

31 March 2017

Coat - Zara  Bag - Topshop ∙ Scarf - Warehouse  Breton - Boden ∙ Flats - Accessorize ∙ Jeans - Zara 

In a bid to share more 'me' on this little space of the internet, I'm bringing back 5 things Friday. Oh yass. Being immersed in the world of social media and influencer marketing career-wise, I somehow forget that I *actually* have a blog. And that's something that I wanna change, so here goes...

1. First and foremost, the pink pointed flats I shared over on my insta

Pastel pink perfection, of which pairs perfectly with my Zara rough hemmed jeans. Where from? You'll never guess. Accessorize. Uh huh right?! They have seriously upped their shoe game. A snip at £29, sure they'll murder your feet, but so worth it. 

2. This new-in Topshop dress is currently sitting in my wardrobe (see below).

It's navy (winner), it has a dinky star print (double win), but it's a midi dress length. Otherwise known as slicing me in half length. Should I whip off a chunk and make it into a mini?

3. Which leads me nicely into the fact that this month is going to be known as: MEGA SPENDING BAN ENFORCEMENT.

April is all about #adultingtheshitoutoflife and saving my bucks for the flippin' 6760786 weddings and hen do's that are lined up this year. Not even mentioning the never ending house savings. This year was honestly like a light switched - pow! - you are now officially grown up, now cough up.

4. Whilst I plan to fill you in good and proper with a health and well-being update (hold on to your seats kids).

I'm finally feeling back in the game and ready to hit the gym. Throwing myself in the deep-end with weeknight circuits - sweet mother of god preserve me - and pilates classes, I am determined to find my inner core, however deep down it might be hiding.

5. It's official, I suck at posing in outfit snaps.

You may have noticed. But you know who masters them every damn day and has shared her all top tips in a handy blog post? Deborah. Go read her post. I've been making notes and really trying to suss out how to change the depth of field on my camera - whatever that is. Next go follow her on insta, she's one of the best 'real' bloggers out there.

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