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Beauty Talk: My Charlotte Tilbury Collection

19 March 2017

Remember way back when I was literally too excited to function (but managed to pen a blog post) when Charlotte Tilbury sent me her new collection? Yeah, I still can't believe that either. But I'm back with the next instalment on the other CT goodies in my stash. That fancy gold packaging has me hook, line and sinker - here's a round up what you need stat, and what you can kindly look over.

Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder

When I avidly read that Sam Chapman (Pixiwoo) was a dedicated fan of the flawless finish face powder, that's when I knew needed in.

It's light, it's breathable, slightly overpriced - but it simply does wonders to blur and mattify. In short, it's perfect for finishing off your morning routine.

Not quite handbag friendly, what grates on me is the super luxe packaging is never not marked with finger prints. It's like the never clean Nars packaging all over again. Meh.

Magic Foundation 

Normally flirting between a tinted moisturiser or something a little fancier like Armani luminous silk, the Magic foundation is heavier. It smacks you right in the face with full coverage, yes - it blurs and covers imperfections - but you look dull, flat and lifeless. Eurgh.

Not velvety soft matte, nope, nada - just dull. I'm currently mixing in my precious liquid Becca highlighter with every dollop.

Filmstar Bronze and Glow

Perhaps the most expensive item in my stash - the Tom Ford doesn't count as that was (duty) free - and the CT Filmstar compact was worth every buck. I honestly dread the day I hit pan. Dramatic, I know. A sleek compact that is home to a very cool toned bronzer (no glitter here people) to sculpt and slim, joined by a soft and buttery highlighter that offers that's that candle-lit glow in real life.

It's a subtle boost on a no-makeup makeup day, it's the added cheekbones and luminous glow for an occasion worth dressing up for. And what's more? It's idiot proof. I can take a large powder brush in the bronzer for a healthy complexion or embrace my inner super model cheekbones with an angled contour brush. If you haven't tried it, you need to.

Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk

The 'your lips but better shade' in lipliner form. The hype for this modern day liner has been so intriguing and I can thankfully report back that this lip cheat does certainly that. You can ever so slightly enhance the shape of your lip line to look fuller. In a way that Kardashian wouldn't know how.

Sexy Sienna Lipstick 

You know you have have the best bunch of friends when they surprise you with a CT lipstick in the post on your birthday. Sexy Sienna is one of the 16 celeb inspired shades in Charlotte's Hot Lips collection. Named after the beauty that is Sienna Millar, this golden coral shade is calling out for summer days and it can't come soon enough. Major props to the square tipped shape that makes application a dream.

Mini Lipstick Charms 

Every Christmas, Charlotte brings out a dinky little lipstick gift that features three of her most popular shades. Whether you're a lipstick newbie (this is a great way to suss out shades that suit you) or you are lipstick junkie, they are perfect for slipping into your handbag - and really, who could resist the temptation of miniature lipstick? Major swoon.

Eyelash Curler 

Ah, the famed golden eyelash curlers that were sold out long enough for me to obsess over them and decide that I most definitely needed them in my life. How do they fare? Couldn't tell you. I simply never remember to use them. They do look super pretty on my dresser however.

Tell me - what should I try next?

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