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5 Things Friday: Spring hotlist

7 April 2017

It's official - I've ditched my heavy cream coat and I have whipped out my light weight grey suede biker jacket, spring has arrived. Whilst the spending ban is still in full force (7 days proud), I've made a spendy list of what's on my to-buy list for May, the month of a sunshine filled weekend getaway. In the mean time here are on my top 5 spring hotlist:

1. Delicate is the new statement. 

Minetta is a jewellery brand I want to shout about from the rooftops, whilst keeping their delicate and dainty collection all wrapped up to myself. From their initial stamped necklaces to their dainty gold plated bracelets, I've fallen head over heels for - well, everything. Whilst I've got my eye the majority of their collection, the curved bar bracelet has been adorning my wrist pretty much since it arrived in the post. Major heart eyed emoji. 

2. I've found the one to rule them all. 

Essie gel nail varnishes, where have you been all my life? The most long lasting polish I have ever used - for real, it's a dream. Check out the shade Spool Me Over. 

3. Finding my inner, inner core. 

Pilates is a fitness class I can't wrap my head around. Because I don't sweat like the beast I do in my cardio classes, is it really a work out? Sure I get to zone out for an entire blissful hour and appreciate my pedicure, will I see any benefit? At the moment I'm just crippled by the fear.  *TMI warning*
The fear of farting whilst your ass is sky high. 

4. Can we all please take a moment appreciate how beautiful this Topshop lace top is?
Now let us all roll our eyes in unison at Topshop who insist on making everything cropped. Nah pal. 

5. A new discovery

If like me you wear glasses, you know what a ball ache the sunshine is. I take that back, you know I didn't mean it. But really, the constant squinting. The realisation that if you want to save your forehead lines, you accept that you must be prepared to go blind in a pair of stylish sunglasses. OR you can snap up a cheap as chips pair of prescription sunglasses from Toy Shades

After a work pal recommended the brand to me last year, I picked up a pair of rip off aviator sunnies for £40 with my prescription and they have been a staple since.

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