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Style: The perfect stripe tee

30 April 2017

T-shirt - ASOS (£12.00)  Mid Rise Jeans - Zara ∙ (£39.99) Boots - Topshop

I feel like a bit of a tease writing this post, as the perfect stripe tee I'm banging on about is currently sold out. Great.

Having said that, it is from ASOS and when something is a corker of a best seller they tend to restock it. 

ANYWAY - in short, you need this t-shirt. Yes I am full blast enabling you, but it's for your own good. 


1) It's oversized in a good way. The sleeves and t-shirt length are little longer than most, meaning you can tuck it in nicely and it's super flattering on your arms - a major win for me. 

2) It's striped, navy and white, no explanation needed. Must have staple. 

3) It's cotton, super soft without being clingy or showing your bra. Double winner.

4) The white neck collar band makes it look way more spendy than the £12 price tag and it's a just a nice touch. 

5) Did I mention it's twelve English pounds - yassss! 

And whilst you wait for ASOS to get their stock situ under control, here are the other colour ways I'm diggin:

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