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Style: How to shop on ASOS

10 August 2017

ASOS Jumper (£32.00) / Nobody's Child dress (£28.00)

Let's face it, ASOS is hard work. Navigating through pages upon pages of products and brands on  there should be a skill you can jot down on your CV. And - let's not even touch upon the nitty gritty of weighing up the hit 'n miss of their own branded line.

For a quick fashion fix however, ASOS is a goldmine just waiting to be discovered. They uncover new brands, are quick off the mark on new trends and offer super swish discounts from time to time. When you're faced with a dress dilemma, you can count on scrolling through their 5,600 styles to choose from and have it shipped to your door next day.

Making it all that bit easier, here are five tips for nailing ASOS:

1. Download the app

The ASOS app is honestly where it's at - it's basically the creme de la creme of the app world. Where the desktop version blows my mind with a gazillion pieces to look at, I can scroll through the 'new in' section whilst on my daily commute at ease.

It's super fast, easy to find your way around and the real danger is, you can check out your shopping bag like a breeze. Also, grandma talking here - you can see the items in better detail also.

ASOS Jumper (£25.00) / Maison Laiche breton (£39.00)

2. Browse the edits

Since I stumbled across the ASOS holiday edit, I've been pretty impressed with their curated lists ever since. Handpicking key pieces, I've discovered a hella a lot of new brands and styles I would have never searched for. Give them a refresh every week or so, and they are updated with brand new product. Winner!

3. Suss out the brands

ASOS has fast become my online destination for unique brands - I'm looking at you Maison Laiche Amour and Y.A.S.

OR your high street faves where items are since out of stock on their websites (hello Whistles), items where you CBA to buy off their own website (hey up Nike) or it's just easier to have delivered from ASOS (that's you, River Island).

Needle and Thread Dress (£350.00) / ASOS Jacket (£75.00)

4. Create your own faves

Whilst scrolling through ASOS, I continuously add items to my 'saved items' list. Whether I wanna snap them up on payday, feel the satisfaction of creating a dream holiday wardrobe or share with my pal (no really, you can email it) - they are also pretty savvy to have on hand when ASOS go on sale. You can go straight in and check out your faves without being distracted.

5. ASOS A-List

Many of you may already be quids in with ASOS A-List, but when I mentioned it to my pals and on twitter a few months back, it was all a bit hazy. In short, their A-List rewards is an easy way to rack up rewards that offer early sale access, birthday discounts and more importantly £5 vouchers to redeem.

If like me, you aren't that a big spender of ASOS - being serious - it is actually a) worth checking your account dashboard to see if you have any vouchers lurking (many of my pals did) b) opting in anyway as they really build up over time.

You can find out how more about ASOS A-List here.

There we have it, a crash course in getting spendy on ASOS - got any tips? I would love to hear them!

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