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3 September 2017

Before we get down to all the important trouser talk, I need to start by saying - you need to clap eyes on this French embroidered t-shirt from Topshop. It is a SNIP at £12. This is not a drill people. It is not only cute, it is not cropped (!!) and it has a nice sleeve length. Snap it up here.

Now - onto trousers. I hate trousers. There I said it.
Unflattering, uncomfortable and entirely uninterested just about sums it up.
Stuck in a jean rut that I desperately needed out of, I threw shit to the wind and snapped up this loss tailored sale pair in River Island.

T-shirt - Topshop  Trousers - River Island  Shoes - Topshop (previous season)

As it turns out, transitional dressing ain't my thing. I am apparently only capable of dressing for the deepest depths of winter, crisp spring or sunshine filled days. All that in-between, hell breaks loose and I become a slave to my (too-ripped) jeans.

This RI trouser offering however make all the difference. I feel like 1) I'm actually making an effort 2) with next to no effort. They are elasticated at the back (can we get a hell yeah!), they have pockets, have enough material room to tuck in tops without the dreaded buldge and they are lightweight enough to wear on the hottest of city days whilst looking like you are keeping your cool.

This pair might have been in the sale, but they've got different colour ways still in stock - I'm tempted to even invest in the grey for spring next year. Now that is how you know you are onto a winner.

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