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Five Things: In with the new

19 February 2018

Hello you. 

Let's gloss over the fact I've been an absolute stranger ok - as I'm back in the game with a fresh five things that I felt the need to share on the internet. You ready?

1. Spending the weekend in Bath... in a bath

And that's exactly what I did. Taking full advantage of my work perks (amen sister!) Matthew and I headed off to Bath for a long weekend of exploring, eating, house hunting and general galavanting about like we were on a film set. Oh let us not forget the massive marble bath tub that Instagrammed the shit out of and bathed in 5675878 times. Should you be in need of a 'girl' weekend, Bath has amazing spas and array of shops. Plus it's insta gold.  

2. Pilates - but kinda wanting pie and lattes

It's equally impressive and disgusting at just how many get-out-of-gym excuses I can muster - especially now that my work hours are more flexible and I can actually go to a class before 11pm. Exaggeration but still.
With a groan (and no excuses left) I hauled my ass to pilates last Thursday eve to ease myself back in. Not only did my knees crack loudly and I marvelled at my entire body shaking like an earthquake when really I was only stretching (hmm) - I am pleased to confirm there has been a discovery of my inner core, however deeply buried.
Although I am now in intense pain every time I sneeze, laugh or bend over to take the Haagen Diaz out of the freezer.

3. Two for your reading list

In a bid to not fall back asleep on my morning commute, I recently flew through two books that you need to add to your reading list.

First up is The Power by Naomi Alderman, a page turner that I finished within a week, the blurb screams girl crap - when really it's thought provoking and incredibly well written. I can't tell you the number of women I've seen on the tube engrossed in it's pages.

Next up is the spy thriller I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes. I'm a bit late to the party on this one but it's been topping the best seller charts for years. I found it a little to slow to start but persevered to find myself hooked. So much so, I put my phone on airplane mode as not to be interrupted. Yep.

4. Stuck on repeat

This year so far I have become a total repeat outfit offender. Mainly because: firstly I've had to drop a ridiculous amount on dental fees* and secondly, there's absolutely zilch that's caught my eye. Mainly the first reason tho. But y'know what? It's forced to me to actually wear the gazillion jumpers I 'invested in' and get my pay per wear. And also cause the dental fees and those pricey af bricks in my future invisible house.

5. WYNTK: Beauty banks

What you need to know: Sali Hugh's beauty banks. Did you know the UK suffers from hygiene poverty meaning many girls miss school when they are on their period because they simply can't afford tampons or pads? It's shocking.

Cleanliness is a right, not a privilege says beauty journo (and all around legend) Sali Hughes, who this week announced her genius idea for people like you and I to donate to 'beauty banks'. From the mini toiletries we sneakily stash away from hotel stays to simply popping an extra pack of tampons our weekly shop - you can donate to the beauty banks by following the steps here.

Lusting after:

This overpriced burst of colour that my wardrobe needs - but not the dry cleaning only bill. Urgh.

*£900 - a genetic gum problem just to clarify, incase you think I'm a rotter.

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