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Style: The cashmere wannabe without the bitch price tag

18 March 2018

PJ's - Marks and Sparks (£10.00)

One of my greatest ambitions in life is to own a two piece cashmere set to lounge around the house. Feel free to judge me all you like, but I'll be too busy relaxing to maxing to take notice.

In the mean time however, whilst my budget doesn't quite stretch that far (real life ffs), I came across one of my greatest discoveries in the lounge wear department.

The Marks and Spencer cuffed pyjama bottoms.

Quite simply a gift of the gods, they are the next best thing to cashmere. Incredibly soft and luxurious to the touch, they are a light grey with let me just stop you right there - whispers added stretch.

Determined to pester as many people to welcome these utter heavenly pjs into their life, I took great joy in forcing my slightly baffled gal pals into stroking my leg to see their surprised faces move into sheer delight.

And now sale now for £10 (YES I KNOW) now you have no excuse.

Go forth and lounge.

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