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The Lust List: 7 for spring

21 March 2018
So far this year I've been on a tremendous saving spree. Yes, you read correctly - a saving spree, not to be confused with splurging or spending spree, or any of that fun frivolous business. There have been no accidental Topshop purchases here or a quick hit of Zara when misery strikes, I've pretty much been on my best behaviour.*

Though however much the house saving gods have looked proudly upon me, it's now time for spring and quite frankly I'm loosing the will to live in my current wardrobe rotation: 

Button Down Tea Blouse - Topshop (£26.00)

I need to switch out the jumpers in my wardrobe stat and bring blouses back into action. Starting with this super sweet style from good old Toppers - which naturally is already sold out. I'll be hunting this down in store. 

Midsize Hoops - & Other Stories (£13.00)

Since chopping off most of my hair (and well, when I also had dreadful split ends) I have been over compensating by upping my hoop game. After spying this perfectly sized medium pair on a pal, they seem to be the right balance of 'hiya!' and not tack. 

Toothpick Jean - J Crew (£126.00)

Urgh, the never ending jean saga. In attempt to find a pair that are actually comfortable, I have decided to throw all the money at the situ and opt for a big old trying on sesh in J Crew. They do in-between sizes so a 29" / 31" etc - why is this not a 'thing' in the UK? - and have various waists, as I have decided that high waisted jeans are actually a cruel trick. Those rolls have to go somewhere.

Pointed Flats - & Other Stories (£59.00)

Incredibly overpriced, but yes - I still need / want them. I'm ready to wave a fond farewell to boots weather - k bye, be gone. Ankle, hello.

Navy Jacket - River Island (£60.00)

If you know me, I'm not a leather jacket person. Just no. Not my thing. Navy suede however? Now you're talking. How effortless does this River Island jacket look? I've never seen a RI piece look so un-RI. 
Pom Son Bead Earrings - Mango (£12.99)

2000 and late to the party on this one, but now spring is so close (it's not) the prospect of wearing outlandish earrings and slapping on fake tan seems just about do-able.

Striped Breton - & Other Stories (£27.00)

New season, new stripes. I say no more.

* Apart from that one time I completely caved and bought this beauty of a blouse from & Other Stories. But you know, only purchasing one item of clothing in three months, I would say that is like going for gold at the olympics.

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