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The Weekly: Hello

3 February 2019

Well hello there.

It's been quite the while since I last sat down and wrote a blog post. May, last year to be precise. But being totally honest, my 2018 was well, boring. There were many reasons as to why I abandoned my blog, mainly being that when saving for a house and penning a style blog, they really don't go hand in hand. I pretty much went full blown cold turkey on the fashion and beauty buying front (more on this to come) and for once, my priority wasn't writing blog posts (aka enabling myself).

This year however I feel like something has changed. I'm feeling more inspired to get my blog on. Even if I'm only wittering on to one's self. So without further ado, here are the five things that happened last year. Including the boring bits.

1. I saved a f-off chunk of money towards my house deposit. Which is technically still growing, because as luck would have it the month we reached our target Brexit took ahold and now folks aren't all that keen to sell up. So while my search continues, stay tuned for my house saving tips (spoiler alert: they might not get you anywhere, Brexit dependent).

2. I began learning to drive. Being 2000-and-officially-late to the party, it's taken me a good while to a) get the hang of it b) actually kind of maybe perhaps enjoy it. I put this entirely down to my ever-patient driving instructor who shares a passion for Love Island gossip and is willing to listen to all my life problems. Side note: again, learning to drive does not go hand in hand with saving for a house, error error.

3. Now for a incredibly vain but v important update: I  relented to the Pinterest dream and got my hair cut real short. Queue the massive regret it and spending the last seven months on a mission to regrow it. It's happening. Slowly. Never let me do it again.

4. Last year was a blimmin' corker on the travel front for me. I managed to explore more of the UK with flying visits to Bath (can I move there pls?), popped along to Oxford (potential spot to get married) followed by the Cotswolds (I spent most of this trip in a bath tub). Then I took a big fam trip (sans Matt) to Jamaica where I spent the majority of time reading thrillers on a white sandy beach drinking rum, then I spent a weekend (a WEEKEND) in Chicago (so casual) before a work trip to Dallas - then rounded off the year with a NYE trip to Amsterdam. Shout out to myself for pursuing a job at a travel brand.

5.  Then the actual bane of my life, I spent 99% of last year at the dentist. I am now sans four wisdom teeth but gained a genetic gum condition that will ruin me financially until the end of time. Again, something else that doesn't tie in well with saving for a house deposit. Or provide much blogging material.


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