30 January 2016

Style | The Camel Coat

This week I finally ventured outside and snapped this beauty of a camel coat, I had only been meaning to do it for five long months. Snigger. In the mean time however, before I badger on about the slick camel tailoring that has taken over my winter wardrobe, I have two sideline notes:

1: I finally plucked up the courage (excuse the pun) to have my brows tinted and waxed at my local Benefit counter - well, consider my life changed, the woman can basically work miracles and I'm currently sporting the fiercest (unwonky) brows I've ever had.

2: This week I also stumbled across a British stationery brand that produces the most swoon-worthy personalised note cards you've ever seen in your life. I did a ginormous gasp, squealed and stamped my name in capitals over the beautiful cards on offer. Watch this space, they are currently en route.


Coat - Zara (similar here Roll Neck - Gap ∙ Skirt - River Island  Bag - Kate Spade  Slippers - J.Crew

And now onto the the coat. Answering all my of pinterest dreams (and clich├ęs), this Zara caramel offering is finally hanging in my wardrobe. So whilst I did pick it up over five months ago (FYI it's still lingering in store) it certainly deserves it's 'air time'.

Picking it up on a whim whilst frantically running around Heathrow duty free before making my way across three American states - this bad boy was worth it. Slickly tailored with soft wool and a pleasing longer length, I feel so swish. Either paired with my work wardrobe or thrown over ripped skinnies, Nike air max's and an oversized jumper - it's like a beautiful love affair, so much so I can even overlook the dry cleaning bill. 

Thrown together with my little Kate Spade pillarbox red bag that was a STEAL in an outlet in New Jersey, I think something along the lines of forty quid, yes - forty whole British pounds - it has become a handbag saviour for just bring my 'essentials' and not the 6 lipsticks I was accustomed too. 

Enough of me, what's new with you?

Photos snapped by Nat, blogger at Le Blow


10 January 2016

Beauty Talk: How to wear a bright lip

A true style statement that never fails to pack a punch - a bright 'n bold lipstick is an instant beauty pick me up and proven way (please quote me on this) to feel shit hot. Rocking a colour poppin' lip is however not for the faint hearted, and only last year my bare-lipped self shied away from anything too daring. Fast forward to now and I have managed to haul an impressive collection (567597659 to be precise) of lipsticks in my make-up stash.

Fancy a flirt with a slick of fiery red or watermelon pink, but clueless of where to start or worried that the entire world will totally know you're bluffing and think you're a fraud? I get it. Here are my tried and tested, no where near expert, tips you might find useful:

My first bright lipstick back in the day was Mac Chatterbox (warning: never try this horrendous shade) as soon as I applied it, it just looked.. really weird. My mirror reflection looked strange.

And then it dawned on me - duh - that I wasn't used to seeing that much colour on my face. It will take you couple of wears to get over this initial reaction and then bam! you'll wonder why you've wasted so much precious lipstick wearing time.

Experiment with tones and shades. How? Rock up to a counter and let the assistants do their thing. Make your way on down to Selfridges beauty haul and book in with a Mac or Nars artist and let them work their magic. Or heck, just tell them to apply the shades that you want to try.

Can't be arsed? I understand. Check out Topshop's super affordable lipstick range and do your own thing. Treat yourself come pay day and suss out what shades truly suit your complexion and get a feel for what it looks like on your actual mug. Not only are the Topshop lippies cracking formulas, they also a pretty impressive shade range that will only set you back eight quid a pop - try Watermelon.

Clock those nifty Nars mini lip pencil sets over Christmas? An absolute winner of trying shades that you may never have been drawn to but suddenly discover really are the ultimate lip colour you never knew existed.

Find a formula that works for you. If glossy is way too in your face and matte makes your lips quiver in fear, look for a a satin or creamy finish that will become your new BFF.

Honestly, it's legit all down to trial and error - and what's the worst that can happen? Simply wipe it off and move on.

Saving it for an 'occasion'? Forget it. Life is way too short to bypass a beautiful lipstick. Seriously. Rock that hot lip for a pint down the pub, a dash around the supermarket or should you feel daring, your 9-5. Why the heck not, eh?


So what are you waiting for? Go forth and hunt out those juicy corals, peachy pinks and orangey red hues and come summer, you'll be a lipstick pro.


27 December 2015

Fancy a natter? | Digital Detox

It's been a while crocodile since I last truly checked 'in' on social media, without realising over the past couple of months I slowly took a digital detox. Life as per usual has a habit of completely switching course and serving up a different turn of events. Falling ill with a virus that saw me signed off work for a month (yes, you are all invited to my pity party) and come to terms with both my grandparents being really, really poorly made me reconsider everything. In short, the real world kicked in.


I decided to retreat from blasting my thoughts on twitter and picture 'perfect' life on instagram - and take a digital detox. Ironically as someone who works 9-5 in social media, it was refreshing to not share everything with the world. In fact my jaw began to drop of how unsocial media savvy the world is.

I may joke that Matt (and my brother, and yeah ok my dad) kid themselves as being the ultimate instagram husband, but I truly relished taking time out to enjoy my birthday celebrations at Sketch and a whirlwind weekend away in Brighton without feeling the need to instantly share. Equally, I couldn't just type a tweet how full of sadness and the dreaded worry I felt when my grandparents were in and out of hospital constantly, because that's just well... weird. 

Or how utterly pissed I was at having a completely ridiculous virus that had me bed bound, cancelling all the super exciting festive dates I had penciled in with friends, as well going MIA on the fun projects I had goin' on at work. 

It did however - which is even more ironic - confirm in my mind that that my blog for me is nothing more than a hobby. It's a no frills, online journal. I don't particularly care for page hits (shock!) or compare myself. Basically, it just doesn't faze me. Forget the FOMO and make it more of the YOLO. I'm so proud that many of my best pals (shout out to Corrie, Kate, Laura, Michelle) have carved out their career from blogging and are reppin' the online world with my highest respect - it's just not my bag, I'll leave it to the pro's.

I always refrain from discussing blogging (mainly because it's so bloody boring, just get on with it without the huffing 'n puffing) but I really resonate with Kate has to say in her blog post here, granted I would have added in more swear words, but then again she is classier lady than me. Then go read my work wife Nat's post about sharing your true selfie.

And for those of you, who have no interest in blogging or social media (or you're my mum or gran), ignore this post. Normal blogging should commence soon! Prepare for the overload.

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