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Beauty: The bits & bobs in my make up bag

2 April 2018

Question: exactly how many pieces of make-up do you have in your stash?

Have you a weakness for endless lipsticks? Perhaps swear by a handful of must-have faithfuls? Own an overflowing makeup bag that could do with a tidy? Or simply have a battered mascara that you apply haphazardly as you rush out the door?

Forever fascinated by other women's makeup collections, whether gazing in awe at the lady on my commute who expertly applies liquid liner with exquisite application to having a good old rummage through gal pal's makeup bags - it struck me at how much beauty bits and bobs I have, yet I only have one face.

Two cheeks, one set of lips, a pair of eyelashes and some seriously misbehaving brows.

With that in mind, I thought I would introduce a series that shares on a monthly (or so.. basis) what's in rotation in my stash. God knows there's plenty to share.

NEUTROGENA HEALTHY SKIN ENHANCER - You know that beauty fave where you're not quite ready for the world to know just how AMAZING it is. Sorry not sorry. This is my ultimate beauty secret: the best hands down tinted moisturiser. It's everything you've ever wanted, and more.

BECCA UNDER EYE BRIGHTENER - Why this hasn't become a cult product yet I don't know. It's underrated and seriously under hyped. It brightens your under eye area prepping it for concealer, and is quite frankly a saviour.

BOBBI BROWN CREAMY CONCEALER - Since a Bobbi Brown make-up artist applied this last year during an in-store wedding prep app for a friend, I haven't stopped marvelling at just how well (and different) an under eye specific concealer banish dark circles just like a pro. Blimey. Like the name suggests, it's super creamy but equally doesn't budge.

MAKE UP FOREVER FULL COVERAGE CAMOUFLAGE CONCEALER - Boy, does it do what it says on the tin. This super strength concealer will cover every flaw effortlessly, even those stubborn, pop up out the blue spots that take over your entire face / life / time, but is light weight without feeling mask like or cakey.

HOURGLASS AMBIENT LIGHTING POWDER - After an epic fail application that included emergency make up wipe purchase on the way to work I decided that this beauty glow powder is not a setting powder but more of a finishing touch. You need an incredibly light dusting but you will be left with the most beautiful glow that seriously rivals candle light.

MAKE UP FOREVER BRONZER - Exceptionally natural but incredibly buildable, I picked this bronzer on a Sephora binge last year (err or maybe two ago) but have only began to marvel just at how bloody brill this bronzer is. It's everything I wanted Nars Laguna to be, but ten times better. You also get a massive chunk of product which delivers a big bang for your buck.

TARTE BLUSH IN BLISS - This dinky Tarte blush has fast become my hue of choice. A dusky nude pink shade it flatters every look without overcomplicating a bright lip with, but also has the added bonus of cranking up some serious cheek bone action. Winning.

BOBBI BROWN BROW PENCIL & GEL - I have grey eyebrows. Yes. That is my shade. After the initial shock of being matched a cool shade of grey (um, what) and my face literally transformed with a stroke of Bobbi Brown's grey eyebrow pencil then a slick of dark brown brow gel for texture. Its a dream combo and I am officially a new women. Albeit a slightly broke one as this pencil needs to be sharpened every. damn. use.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY EYELASH CURLERS - How utterly fancy? These rose gold lash curlers not only look good arched in my brush pot (priorities), but I'm convince they do add a little flutter to my lashes. When I'm not a) in a rush b) convinced I'll poke myself blind c) I remember.

Stay tuned for my next rotation!

Things you need: jewellery travel case

29 March 2018

Travel case - Oliver Bonas 

The gift you never knew you needed, until you had it, which I dare say is the best gift you could receive.

This super swish Oliver Bonas jewellery travel case is a prime example of that. Incredibly nifty, it's neat enough to be stored away in your carry on and house all your precious jewels so that they are tucked away safely whilst travelling. No tangled necklaces here my friend or soon-to-be lost forever earrings.

Coming in an assortment of shapes, sizes and shades, whether you drop some serious hints or snap it up as treat for yourself, you won't regret it.

The Lust List: 7 for spring

21 March 2018
So far this year I've been on a tremendous saving spree. Yes, you read correctly - a saving spree, not to be confused with splurging or spending spree, or any of that fun frivolous business. There have been no accidental Topshop purchases here or a quick hit of Zara when misery strikes, I've pretty much been on my best behaviour.*

Though however much the house saving gods have looked proudly upon me, it's now time for spring and quite frankly I'm loosing the will to live in my current wardrobe rotation: 

Button Down Tea Blouse - Topshop (£26.00)

I need to switch out the jumpers in my wardrobe stat and bring blouses back into action. Starting with this super sweet style from good old Toppers - which naturally is already sold out. I'll be hunting this down in store. 

Midsize Hoops - & Other Stories (£13.00)

Since chopping off most of my hair (and well, when I also had dreadful split ends) I have been over compensating by upping my hoop game. After spying this perfectly sized medium pair on a pal, they seem to be the right balance of 'hiya!' and not tack. 

Toothpick Jean - J Crew (£126.00)

Urgh, the never ending jean saga. In attempt to find a pair that are actually comfortable, I have decided to throw all the money at the situ and opt for a big old trying on sesh in J Crew. They do in-between sizes so a 29" / 31" etc - why is this not a 'thing' in the UK? - and have various waists, as I have decided that high waisted jeans are actually a cruel trick. Those rolls have to go somewhere.

Pointed Flats - & Other Stories (£59.00)

Incredibly overpriced, but yes - I still need / want them. I'm ready to wave a fond farewell to boots weather - k bye, be gone. Ankle, hello.

Navy Jacket - River Island (£60.00)

If you know me, I'm not a leather jacket person. Just no. Not my thing. Navy suede however? Now you're talking. How effortless does this River Island jacket look? I've never seen a RI piece look so un-RI. 
Pom Son Bead Earrings - Mango (£12.99)

2000 and late to the party on this one, but now spring is so close (it's not) the prospect of wearing outlandish earrings and slapping on fake tan seems just about do-able.

Striped Breton - & Other Stories (£27.00)

New season, new stripes. I say no more.

* Apart from that one time I completely caved and bought this beauty of a blouse from & Other Stories. But you know, only purchasing one item of clothing in three months, I would say that is like going for gold at the olympics.

Style: The cashmere wannabe without the bitch price tag

18 March 2018

PJ's - Marks and Sparks (£10.00)

One of my greatest ambitions in life is to own a two piece cashmere set to lounge around the house. Feel free to judge me all you like, but I'll be too busy relaxing to maxing to take notice.

In the mean time however, whilst my budget doesn't quite stretch that far (real life ffs), I came across one of my greatest discoveries in the lounge wear department.

The Marks and Spencer cuffed pyjama bottoms.

Quite simply a gift of the gods, they are the next best thing to cashmere. Incredibly soft and luxurious to the touch, they are a light grey with let me just stop you right there - whispers added stretch.

Determined to pester as many people to welcome these utter heavenly pjs into their life, I took great joy in forcing my slightly baffled gal pals into stroking my leg to see their surprised faces move into sheer delight.

And now sale now for £10 (YES I KNOW) now you have no excuse.

Go forth and lounge.

Five Things: In with the new

19 February 2018

Hello you. 

Let's gloss over the fact I've been an absolute stranger ok - as I'm back in the game with a fresh five things that I felt the need to share on the internet. You ready?

1. Spending the weekend in Bath... in a bath

And that's exactly what I did. Taking full advantage of my work perks (amen sister!) Matthew and I headed off to Bath for a long weekend of exploring, eating, house hunting and general galavanting about like we were on a film set. Oh let us not forget the massive marble bath tub that Instagrammed the shit out of and bathed in 5675878 times. Should you be in need of a 'girl' weekend, Bath has amazing spas and array of shops. Plus it's insta gold.  

2. Pilates - but kinda wanting pie and lattes

It's equally impressive and disgusting at just how many get-out-of-gym excuses I can muster - especially now that my work hours are more flexible and I can actually go to a class before 11pm. Exaggeration but still.
With a groan (and no excuses left) I hauled my ass to pilates last Thursday eve to ease myself back in. Not only did my knees crack loudly and I marvelled at my entire body shaking like an earthquake when really I was only stretching (hmm) - I am pleased to confirm there has been a discovery of my inner core, however deeply buried.
Although I am now in intense pain every time I sneeze, laugh or bend over to take the Haagen Diaz out of the freezer.

3. Two for your reading list

In a bid to not fall back asleep on my morning commute, I recently flew through two books that you need to add to your reading list.

First up is The Power by Naomi Alderman, a page turner that I finished within a week, the blurb screams girl crap - when really it's thought provoking and incredibly well written. I can't tell you the number of women I've seen on the tube engrossed in it's pages.

Next up is the spy thriller I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes. I'm a bit late to the party on this one but it's been topping the best seller charts for years. I found it a little to slow to start but persevered to find myself hooked. So much so, I put my phone on airplane mode as not to be interrupted. Yep.

4. Stuck on repeat

This year so far I have become a total repeat outfit offender. Mainly because: firstly I've had to drop a ridiculous amount on dental fees* and secondly, there's absolutely zilch that's caught my eye. Mainly the first reason tho. But y'know what? It's forced to me to actually wear the gazillion jumpers I 'invested in' and get my pay per wear. And also cause the dental fees and those pricey af bricks in my future invisible house.

5. WYNTK: Beauty banks

What you need to know: Sali Hugh's beauty banks. Did you know the UK suffers from hygiene poverty meaning many girls miss school when they are on their period because they simply can't afford tampons or pads? It's shocking.

Cleanliness is a right, not a privilege says beauty journo (and all around legend) Sali Hughes, who this week announced her genius idea for people like you and I to donate to 'beauty banks'. From the mini toiletries we sneakily stash away from hotel stays to simply popping an extra pack of tampons our weekly shop - you can donate to the beauty banks by following the steps here.

Lusting after:

This overpriced burst of colour that my wardrobe needs - but not the dry cleaning only bill. Urgh.

*£900 - a genetic gum problem just to clarify, incase you think I'm a rotter.

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