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MY DAILY LOOK: Walk On The Wild Side

11 November 2017

I have a not-so-secret addiction to leopard print. A hint of print here and there. Or the POW in your face kind. I'm easy.

On last count I have exactly three pairs of leopard print flats already in my wardrobe (um), so naturally when my pal clocked these French Sole beauties and shared them with with me - I snapped them up in a heartbeat. Animal print clearly brings out my reckless side, and my credit card.

French Sole are a brand that has been on my radar for many years, known for their iconic ballet flats I remember gazing upon in the likes of InStyle and Marie Claire back in the day and thinking clearly this is what Parisian style is. Which isn't bad going for a brand that was actually founded in London.

Purchased from the Outnet (the sister discount site of Net-A-Porter), they were admittedly a little over my budget but with a snappy 40% reduction and with it being my first payday in three months, all hell broke loose.

They are slim (emphasis on s l i m, they are no-go if you have wider feet) and sophisticated. When I wear them I feel like doing a light fancy fast paced step to wherever I'm heading. Those swish Parisian vibes remember. Additionally, whilst they may be real suede and pony hair, I cannot fault the quality. With non-stop wear, I'm yet to see any marks or tear.

I feel like this might just be the beginning of a very fancy ballet flat collection in the works.

*Side note: How fancy did I feel purchasing something from the Outnet eh? This will probably never happen again.


4 November 2017
It's the moment I've been waiting for since the nightmare of mild, sweaty weather kicked in - the chill has finally set in at last and it's officially winter coat weather. Hell to the yeah.

An effortless (read: lazy) way to look put together, it's also the simplest way to be as snug as humanly possible whilst looking equally as presentable. But before we begin, can we all take a moment to roll our eyes at how blimmin spendy a decent coat will set you back these days? Especially one that will take you beyond one season of wear.

With that in mind - and now that I've taken last years coats out of storage and had them dry cleaned - I've pulled together my edit of the trend-ticking styles to have on your radar. Ones that won't hopefully break the bank and that will last you for more seasons to come.

 Warehouse (£90.30)  River Island (£85.00)   Topshop (£59.00)  Oliver Bonas (£185.00)  Topshop (£95.00) ∙  Mango (£139.99)  Zara (£99.99)   Topshop (£65.00)  H&M (£59.99)  Topshop (£75.00)

Mango (£69.99)  Zara (£79.99)  Topshop (£120.00)  Mango (£79.99) 
Zara (£49.99) ∙ Zara (£79.99)  H&M (£24.99)  Topshop (£100.00)

Topshop (£79.00)  Zara (£99.99)  Topshop (£49.00)  Zara (£99.99) 
 Topshop (£70.00)  Zara (£69.99)  Mango (£139.99)  Zara (£89.99)

River Island (£85.00)  River Island  River Island (£90.00)  & Other Stories (£165.00) ∙ Oasis (£98.00) 

Mango (£89.99) ∙ Zara (£99.99) ∙  Zara (£119.00) ∙ Zara (£119.00)

M&S (£79.00)  Topshop (£59.00) ∙ M&S (£69.00)  Warehouse (£99.00)  River Island (£85.00)

Topshop (£75.00) ∙ Oasis (£95.00) ∙  Mango (£39.99) ∙ Mango (£79.99)  Mango (£69.99)

Mango (£79.99)  River Island (£90.00)  Warehouse (£89.00) ∙ Topshop (£65.00) ∙ Warehouse (£86.00)  M&S (£89.00)  H&M (£59.99)  Zara (£89.99)

Which one(s) caught your eye?


10 October 2017
As I sit here in a heavy knit induced hot flush (glam as ever), winter is indeed coming as they say - just not as a quick as my winter wardrobe would hope. Taking it back to basics and stocking up the season ahead, here are 7 'now' pieces for your wardrobe that will take you through to spring. Bold claim, I know.

Trench - River Island  Silver flats - Gap  Pink Jumper - & Other Stories  Belt - Boden  Cashmere jumper - M&S  Jeans - Zara  Pink scarf - & Other Stories

I might have already snapped up this classic trench from River Island - ok I crumbled after my last died a sad worn out death and even the dry cleaner told me there was no going back. Whilst it may not look all that, IRL it's a corker. It's structured, of good quality and the storm flap and swish buttons certainly give it that little something something.

Admittedly my wardrobe is fifty variations of grey. Not that, you filthy minded person. I'm talking charcoals, gun metals to pastel hues. In a bid to liven shit up, this 'woah there nelly' PINK as a punch jumper from & Other Stories is just the style shake up I'm after.

As is the snazzy leopard print belt from Boden (you can find a similar less pricey version from Warehouse here) Having picked up a similar style whilst in Dallas from Banana Republic (RIP), it's another of layer of animal print that my wardrobe craves. And if like me you fan girl over Emma Hill, belts are my new go-to accessory.

Three pieces that your wardrobe will thank you for: a cashmere lightweight jumper*, a pastel hue scarf and a premium (but still highstreet) pair of jeans you can wear everyday.

BRB - just adding it all to my basket. 
To ponder, delete, re-add back in, buy. 
And then the weather will turn bloody chilly.

*Yes, cashmere is a pricey investment - and whilst it does pay to spend that bit extra, I do have a spendy tips and tricks post up my sleeve coming soon.


29 September 2017

It's been a while since I simply said hello.

There have been an assortment of beauty and style posts lurking over the past few months, but I haven't said a proper hello in a long time. 

In the short space of summer, quite a lot changed and life threw a few curveballs. Which at the time seemed pretty horrendous but really looking back now, it makes me want to roll my eyes into the back of my head and say hang on pal, it's gunna be fine. Which it is. Because of course life has a way of working out like that. 

So hello, here are five things to read on a Friday. 

1) Ch-ch-changes

To keep things short and snappy, here's a little recap of how my summer went down. Incase you missed my internal monologue on twitter:

Suddenly found myself without a job.
Started panicking. 
Panicked a bit more. 
Decided to learn to drive with new found free time (didn't happen).
Began to miss my train commute - WTF. 
Scheduled in multiple gym classes with new found free time (this half happened).
Somehow cancelled out above point by eating out way too often.
Accepted a brand spanking new dream job, all within a month of loosing previous job.
Took a mini break to Cornwall with Matthew in a 7 hour car ride and ate multiple cornish ice creams in one day. Living my best life. Then my family whisked me on a weekend break to Dublin, where we basically did a drinking tour of the city. And I ate 10 chicken wings in one sitting.

2) Then onto the good stuff

Started dream job in a higher position with a super cool company. So far there have been fresh, new challenges and a trip to Dallas in my second week (!) to meet my lovely new team. That means Sephora happened. J Crew happened. Watch this space.

3) Jetting off, again

Remember that time I spent 8 hours in a mini bus to Amsterdam back in January and saw like, zilch of the city? No, me neither. I have mentally blocked out that shit show. I am however jetting off on another city break (this is my life now) back to Amsterdam where Matthew and I will be staying at the swish Hoxton hotel to celebrate out birthdays in October. We blagged 25% discount by snapping up an offer on their email newsletter and now I am avidly planning our trip. Recommendations kindly appreciated.

4) Another year bites the dust 

It's true, I'm nearing the end of my twenties. Not too close! But close enough for people to bunch up their noses and ask why I'm not yet a house owner or married. So for number quatre in my 5 things and an answer to their confusion, let's leave this here and let the tumble weed roll. 

5) You need this...

Zara blazer in your life. The one I'm wearing above.

Check blazers might be all the rage this season, but really they are ugly as hell and they'll be in your local charity shop by February. 


3 September 2017

Before we get down to all the important trouser talk, I need to start by saying - you need to clap eyes on this French embroidered t-shirt from Topshop. It is a SNIP at £12. This is not a drill people. It is not only cute, it is not cropped (!!) and it has a nice sleeve length. Snap it up here.

Now - onto trousers. I hate trousers. There I said it.
Unflattering, uncomfortable and entirely uninterested just about sums it up.
Stuck in a jean rut that I desperately needed out of, I threw shit to the wind and snapped up this loss tailored sale pair in River Island.

T-shirt - Topshop  Trousers - River Island  Shoes - Topshop (previous season)

As it turns out, transitional dressing ain't my thing. I am apparently only capable of dressing for the deepest depths of winter, crisp spring or sunshine filled days. All that in-between, hell breaks loose and I become a slave to my (too-ripped) jeans.

This RI trouser offering however make all the difference. I feel like 1) I'm actually making an effort 2) with next to no effort. They are elasticated at the back (can we get a hell yeah!), they have pockets, have enough material room to tuck in tops without the dreaded buldge and they are lightweight enough to wear on the hottest of city days whilst looking like you are keeping your cool.

This pair might have been in the sale, but they've got different colour ways still in stock - I'm tempted to even invest in the grey for spring next year. Now that is how you know you are onto a winner.

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