26 September 2016

Style | Whistles Wish List

Here's the deal: I can count my entire handbag collection on one, maybe two hands.
I think. Don't quote me on that.

Needless to say, it's been a while since I splurged on handbag. My collection may be fairly small, but each bag although somewhat spendy has justified it's cost per wear. My Mulberry bayswater has quite simply taken a massive battering since I wiped out my student loan in my first year. Ugh, I can't even remember the year I graduated.

Whilst I'm in my current mindset: adulting the shit out of life, my number one priority being my house deposit fund (not quite the nude Gucci Disco I had been lusting after, sob).

A girl's gotta treat herself now and again - hashtag am i right?

Enter my new current handbag crush: Whistles.

Sadly my budget never quite stretches to indulge in their clothing line, but their AW handbags are another situation. Sophisticated, classic and all with golden hardware. I want them all. Even the £25 pom pom. And the lush gold hoops.

Falling under the £250 price bracket, you cannot deny that these decent leather offerings is a pretty sweet deal. So much so, I've told myself on repeat for the last week and indulged in the the navy shoulder bag (pom pom included) as a birthday treat.

All that is left to be decided now is how to justify the nude tote. Because THAT would - let's face it - be perfect for spring. Nah, that excuse still doesn't warrant the price tag. Bugger.


25 September 2016

Life | Rested & Recharged

I'm currently elbow deep in a bag of peanut butter M&M's (good god they're like crack) and in my current jet lagged state (christ on a bike) reflecting on the jam-packed month that has been an whirlwind adventure.

Jetting off to the big US of A after the bank holiday for a little under three weeks, I was incredibly lucky to take a road trip down the east coast with my family. This basically consisted of eating my body weight in lobster roll, visiting more Sephoras than I wish to count and bringing home the entire candy / stationery sections in Target.

Flying into Boston we followed the shoreline to Cape Cod, heading off to Province Town to take a ferry to the Hamptons, then we cruised through Brooklyn to our final stop in New Jersey to our friends, where we took a quick flutter to Philadelphia. Needless to say my jeans no longer fit and my (spare) empty suitcase returned with more lipstick than I could carry.

For once I decided to leave my blogging camera at home. Sharing only a few snapshots on instagram   here and there. Choosing to rest and recharge, I simply ate and explored. And then ate some more.

In due course I'll be sharing my USA beauty buys *gulp* and getting back on the blogging bandwagon, look out for a handbag wishin' post coming your way tomorrow. My purse is currently quivering.


7 August 2016

Style | Summer City Days

Blouse - Topshop ∙ Jeans - Gap  Shoes - Topshop ∙ Bag - Reiss 

There are exactly 24 days until I jet off on holiday stateside and in that time, I've worked out in true girl maths that every gym class equals an extra burger (with fries, and a milkshake) and each penny saved totally justifies the J.Crew bag that's captured my full attention (damn you, shady exchange range).

Having been in full on house saving mode from the get-go this year, this summer it's been all about diving into the deepest depths of my wardrobe and digging out forgotten pieces, recycling past loves and switching it up with well chosen new season bits 'n bobs.

First in line was this peachy suede bag from Reiss that I sneakily picked up in the sale at the end of last summer. Having never actually seen the light of day (um), it was a fine moment when I discovered this little beauty stashed away. Fast becoming my go-to daily bag, it brightens up any outfit and makes me feel polished in a Pinterest kinda way. Also, can I please just declare that I'm definitely a dedicated convert to the small handbag now - more on this to come.

Pairing it with a new recent wardrobe addition, this super pretty cotton blouse from Topshop is a an absolute DREAM BOAT when the temperature suddenly soars. It's unbelievably light-weight, slightly oversized but has a flattering with a peplum cut and longer sleeve length to make you feel swish, enough to ignore the fact you are secretly melting. Plus you can throw it on with jeans and hey presto, you're good to go. Basically my ideal wardrobe winner.

ALSO, mega shout out to these Topshop sandals that are actually blimmin' comfortable and they even have A HEEL. Granted it's only like an inch and I still trip over every freakin' curb, I feel pretty fancy mastering the art of a heel during the day. Plus they are now reduced to £15, alas sold out online - but hunt these out if you spot them in store!

Finally, I just want to say a thank you to the lovely heartfelt comments and messages I received on my last post. It honestly made my year and completely reminded me that I am not alone when it comes to anxiety. x

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