25 May 2016

Style | Victoria Secret Bikini Wants

Crochet Trim Racerback (from £26.68) ∙ Flounce Bandeau (starts from £18.75)

It wasn't until last year when I popped into the 5th Ave Victoria Secrets store did I 'get' the hype. Glossing over my initial fear that with one flick of a lighter, the entire shop would be a satin, bejewelled flame - their pink cotton striped pjs are in fact a DREAM and something every girl should have the luxury of. And their sassy 'don't kale my vibe' slogan workout tops definitely motivate me to exercise more than they should.

Fringe Cover-Up Dress (from £22.05) ∙ Tassel Cover-Up Romper (£24.09)

Stumbling across their swimwear however (and mentally calculating how many gym classes, lettuce leaves and bottles of St Tropez it would take to transform me into a VS goddess) their whopping 40% off swimwear sale got me hook, line and sinker.

Banded Hottie Halter (from £31.99) ∙ The Getaway Halter (from £19.85) 

Both a bikini top and bottoms under £20 with a flat rate shipping fee of £6 to the UK, it's a freaking good deal. With or without a summer holiday booked. And you can use the code SAVE40SWIM on both reduced and full priced swimwear here. The prices above are before the extra 40% discount - yup! If you wanna switch it up, give the bikini mixer a whirl to find your dream combo.

Now, what's a girl gotta do around her to get a peachy behind like this? Buy the bikini bottoms? Sold.


22 May 2016

Style | Back In The Game


Linen Shirt - Topshop (bargain price!)  Jeans - Hollister ∙ Bag - Kate Spade ∙ Flats - Topshop Lipstick - Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Sunset Orange

The irony of starting every single blog post this year with a 'hello stranger' is certainly not lost on me.

This year has truly been testing, in more ways than one, things of which I have never shared on my blog or social, but I'm slowly starting to bounce back with a fresh outlook on life - including my blog. I must sound like flipping mysterious meg over here, and tbh I might touch on it here and there, but mental health is a funny old thing and I'm not sure how I feel about splashing it over the internet. 

Drawing a line under all of that and returning to my love of nattering on about all things materialistic, fashion and beauty related, here's a run down of shit I keep meaning to type:

1. The most cliche way to start afresh?

Letting your hair dresser finally whip off 6 inches and caving to the long bob she's so desperately wanted to cut for so long. Pretty major shock to the system, one that I'm admittedly still trying to get used too. Cry face emoji.

2. So far this year I have bought 42 pairs of jeans.

And returned approximately 38. Yep. These hips definitely do not lie, and so far I am yet find a pair that fit perfectly that aren't low rise.

3. These Topshop silver flats are basically my go-to wardrobe staple.

Surprisingly comfy, a steal at £18 and wearable with just about every outfit in my wardrobe - winner!

And without sounding like a mega twat, I'm feeling pretty inspired to get my blog back on. I'm kind of over trying to replicate the insta perfect images and editorial poses, this blog really isn't that profesh. Just snippets of my undying love for Topshop (so predictable) and my never ending dedication to buying lipstick. Back in the game!


13 March 2016

Style | Spring Wish List

Whilst February became another month I was struck down by my never ending virus, now that March has arrived I'm truly ready to spring (virus-free people!) into the next season. With a yearning to completely jack in my entire wardrobe and step into Topshop and shout 'shut up and take my money!'

I'm all about investing in the basics for spring, the beach essentials for the holiday I don't *yet* have planned, the summer garden parties I pretend to attend and oh, the hundreds of hen do's that are lining up for next year.


Leather clutch - Topshop ∙ Embellished cami - River Island ∙ Peplum tee - Topshop  Pink flats - Topshop ∙ Leopard print flats - River Island ∙ Cable jumper - Topshop ∙ Jeans - Zara ∙ Boots - Topshop ∙ Trench - Zara


Coat - Zara Blouse - Topshop ∙ Jeans - Abercombie ∙ Jumper - Topshop ∙ Silver flats - Topshop ∙ Pink clutch - Whistles ∙ Pink sandals - Topshop


Hat - Warehouse ∙ Top - Topshop ∙ Sandals - Zara ∙ Necklace - Accessorize ∙ Pink heels - Topshop ∙ Printed cami - Ted Baker ∙ Trench - River Island ∙ Bag - Zara ∙ Pink top - Miss Selfridge ∙ Trousers - River Island


Sandals - Topshop ∙ Bangles - Accessorise ∙ Bag - Kate Spade ∙ Dress - River Island ∙ Cream dress - Miss Selfridge ∙ White blouse - Topshop ∙ Suede skirt - River Island ∙ Sweater - Whistles ∙ Nude heels - Topshop


Lace dress - Warehouse ∙ Red mini - Topshop ∙ Playsuit - Topshop ∙ Red heels - Topshop ∙ Nude platforms - Topshop ∙ Pink heels - Topshop ∙ Nude heels - Topshop

I'll take the lot please - tah.

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