She Who Dares, Wins.

6 April 2015

Quite the crazed week indeed, the days leading up to the bank holiday were endless string of dinner dates with both friends old and new, with a jam-packed work schedule of prepping for the long weekend. Friday rolled around, I was glad to say hello to the four days off. Bliss. With a life lately long over due, here's a bevy of Sunday Monday thoughts...

1. A road trip with the girls was the first adventure on my agenda. Just what the doctor ordered, complete with champagne and dancing shoes, there's really nothing quite like letting your hair down with some of your favourite gal pals and then blasting back up the motor way with an overlarge pair of sunnies. I still haven't mustered up the courage to look at my camera roll, and only in time will I be able to even glimpse at another glass of bubbly.

2. Then just like that, my poor grandmother (otherwise known as the biggest CGFB fan gurl) was rushed into hospital with heart problems. Being incredibly close to my grandparents, it came as quite the shock. That being said I have spent the majority of the weekend keeping an 80 year old troublemaker out of mischief and under control with the bribery of sweets and iPad browsing. She is set to have a rather big op on Tuesday, which hopefully will have her coming out even more naughty.

3. Which brings me to say, that in times of need, it makes you so much more grateful for the friends and loved ones who reach out to you no matter what. With my pesky chest pains (which are still proving to be a medical mystery), and now the worry of grandmother - it really has been a learning curve of which friends make an effort to turn your frown upside down. From a simple 'hey' to a last minute pizza date, be it a long lost friend who touches base from time to time, or your most called on speed dial, it's only in time of need do you appreciate your most supported network. And for those, I am eternally grateful too.

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On a slightly lighter note, last week saw the arrival of a few sneaky wardrobe additions. Some of you may have spied on my instagram, don't ask me how but I won a cracking £500 voucher for Warehouse through a competition which resulted in a mini spree and a rather loud scream whilst checking my email in the office. In other news, my gym attendance has been slack, this may be due to my new found hatred of spin - how does one person even have that much sweat? Ick. And, I also managed to bag tickets to Star Wars Secret Cinema - even bigger scream!

Is that everything? I think so. Over and out! 

STYLE: Get The Pinterest Look

29 March 2015

Long gone are the days that I spending pouring over the latest fashion monthly, drawing inspiration and wishing they would find their way into my wardrobe. My style preferences are much catered for across the pond, with most of my book-marked reads being American bloggers. 

Sharing their effortless and laid back luxe approach to fashion, is there any wonder my Pinterest is filled with inspiring outfits just asking to be recreated? With denim topping the trend board, we may be a little behind on playing catch up with the weather, but the promise of sunshine filled days ahead -these outfits are certainly putting a spring in my step... 

Pinterest get the look fashionGrey t-shirt - Warehouse  Sunglasses - Warehouse  Necklace - J.Crew  Bag - Zara  Heels - New Look  Jeans - M&S
There's nothing quite as glam as pairing a pair of slick white skinnies and a loose grey fitting t-shirt. Paired with tan and metallic accessories, it's match made in heaven. Whilst I pluck up the courage to embark on the white jean front (bring on the fake tan) - the Zara bag, Warehouse sunnies and J.Crew necklace are versatile investment for any look. 

Pinterest get the look fashion
Necklace - J.Crew  Jeans - Topshop  Pointed Flats - ASOS ∙ T-shirt - H&M

It's all in the detail with this relaxed yet oh-so-chic look. Who knew ripped jeans could look so glamorous? Dressing up denim in an instant, statement bejewelled necklaces and bright flats like these ASOS offerings are so on point (excuse the pun). 

Pinterest get the look fashion

Chambray Shirt - H&M  Clutch - Zara  Heels - H&M  Bracelet - Accessorize  Jeans - River Island

How fitting for the season ahead, double denim is so fash-un right now. Whilst I'm not quite ready to don my dungarees, I'll be playing it safe with a light chambray shirt and nude accessories. However, add a little print into the mix courtesy of the above Zara clutch to notch it up to the next style level.

Pinterest get the look fashion
T-shirt - H&M  Flats - Warehouse  Bag - Topshop ∙ Jeans - Zara 

Breton stripes have always been one of my fashion loves, mainly as I like to prance around like a sophisticated Parisian. More like her chubby cousin. None the less, stripes and leopard print? A statement worth making - especially with girlfriend jeans. 

Pinterest get the look fashion Olivia Palermo
Shirt - Topshop ∙ Bag - Zara  Heels - Zara  Ring - Accessorize  Jeans - Zara 

Why hello there Olivia. Miss Palmero is quite the regular guest on my Pinterest. She just nails it every single time. With this outfit being no exception. A tailored crisp shirt? Tick. Colour popping heels? Tick. Perfectly blow-dryed hair? Tick. Me, smitten? Tick.

Which outfit do you wish you would transport into your wardrobe? Being greedy, I'll take them all thank you.

Keep up to date with my stylish pins on my Pinterest here. Please leave your links below, I love a good pinning sesh! 

BEAUTY NOTES: Maybelline Lip Elixirs

26 March 2015

Colour Sensational Elixirs - Maybelline 

Now before we begin, one must admit that these swoon worthy lip offerings from Maybelline made their way into my stash all the way from my New York hauling last year. Taking a fair old while to grace us across the pond, I thought it was high-time I showed you the beautiful delights of the Maybelline Elixirs.

A classic take on the lipstick / gloss hybrids that have taken over our makeup bags, the Maybelline Lip Exilir certainly packs an almighty pigment punch offering a burst of colour, with a moisturising formula. Serving up fabulous high-shine gloss, both the colour pay off and smooth, soft texture is mightily impressive. So much so, that after I snapped up the rose pink shade - the others quickly followed suite. 

Rather long-lasting on the lip (which I dare is somewhat tricky for a gloss), I would say these are occasionally sticky with the occasional hair migrating the lip area. Of course, this only is small gripe when wearing a bright shade, but one I barely notice. Applying evenly across the lip, the heart-shaped wand works well to cover the lip with one smooth application. 

Colour Sensational Elixirs - Maybelline

Hand-picking a few of their wide shade range, I pumped for a pretty baby pink, a flirty coral shade and their signature bright red of the collection.

Colour Sensational Elixirs - Maybelline swatch

Colour Sensational Elixirs - Maybelline

Petal Push  The classic in any lipstick line-up, the perfectly pretty pink. Offering a sheer wash of your lips but better shade, I can apply this sweet shade without a mirror it is that fool proof.

Colour Sensational Elixirs - Maybelline

Breathtaking Apricot  A pop of fun and flirty coral that simply calls for summer days (and a tan). I'm not sure I can quite pull this off just yet, come the summer this apricot hue will complement any sun-kissed complexion. 

Colour Sensational Elixirs - Maybelline

Signature Scarlet  A true heroine red, I'm forever in awe of the high-shine gloss that this shade has to offer. Taking my matte red lipsticks to another level, Signature Scarlet equally works just as beautifully alone - just make sure you have the q-tips at the ready. 

Stay tuned for my full American beauty pieces coming soon - now, in the mean time who will be treating themselves to the Maybelline Colour Elixirs?