7 August 2016

Style | Summer City Days

Blouse - Topshop ∙ Jeans - Gap  Shoes - Topshop ∙ Bag - Reiss 

There are exactly 24 days until I jet off on holiday stateside and in that time, I've worked out in true girl maths that every gym class equals an extra burger (with fries, and a milkshake) and each penny saved totally justifies the J.Crew bag that's captured my full attention (damn you, shady exchange range).

Having been in full on house saving mode from the get-go this year, this summer it's been all about diving into the deepest depths of my wardrobe and digging out forgotten pieces, recycling past loves and switching it up with well chosen new season bits 'n bobs.

First in line was this peachy suede bag from Reiss that I sneakily picked up in the sale at the end of last summer. Having never actually seen the light of day (um), it was a fine moment when I discovered this little beauty stashed away. Fast becoming my go-to daily bag, it brightens up any outfit and makes me feel polished in a Pinterest kinda way. Also, can I please just declare that I'm definitely a dedicated convert to the small handbag now - more on this to come.

Pairing it with a new recent wardrobe addition, this super pretty cotton blouse from Topshop is a an absolute DREAM BOAT when the temperature suddenly soars. It's unbelievably light-weight, slightly oversized but has a flattering with a peplum cut and longer sleeve length to make you feel swish, enough to ignore the fact you are secretly melting. Plus you can throw it on with jeans and hey presto, you're good to go. Basically my ideal wardrobe winner.

ALSO, mega shout out to these Topshop sandals that are actually blimmin' comfortable and they even have A HEEL. Granted it's only like an inch and I still trip over every freakin' curb, I feel pretty fancy mastering the art of a heel during the day. Plus they are now reduced to £15, alas sold out online - but hunt these out if you spot them in store!

Finally, I just want to say a thank you to the lovely heartfelt comments and messages I received on my last post. It honestly made my year and completely reminded me that I am not alone when it comes to anxiety. x


17 July 2016

My Story | Health Anxiety

This post has been sitting patiently in my drafts for some time, I'm not sure on how much I want to share with the big wide world - but more recently, the taboo of mental health is finally becoming more understood; and with that in mind I thought I would share my story.

The first time I had a panic attack I was on platform four at East Croydon station. I was struggling to breathe, my mind was racing and I had tears floating down my face. I had no idea what was happening to my body. A couple of days previous I had been to the doctors with with a chest injury (that unbeknown to me and the covering GP was actually result of of a bruised muscle wall from the gym), he then sent me to have an ECG in fear that I had undiagnosed heart attack. This is where the fear settled and my health anxiety begun. The intense worry seems so silly thinking back on it now, but it was on my daily commute where I was going over and over in my mind whether it could be true - I mean, why would you question your doctor? - so much so I gave myself a panic attack. Which in turn, I thought was 'another' heart attack. Naturally, my ECG results came back clear and I was told to lay off the heavy weights.

Many of you will know that this year and towards the end of last, I was struck down with a pesky virus called labyrinthitis that saw me signed off work with bedrest for months at a time. The virus affects your balance, resulting in feeling drunk, surreal and incredibly dizzy - coupled with the normal symptoms of virus or flu. My GP warned me that this virus went hand in hand with anxiety, soon this followed and I had an overwhelming fear of leaving the house. The second time the virus reared it's ugly head, it hit me harder and I was struck down with terrible exhaustion, loss of appetite and the crippling sinking feeling that I would never get better. At this time, I was taking beta blockers as I was so panicked that I was struggling to catch a breath (literally willing myself to breathe in and out), my jaw was jarring and gurning, my arms were restless and my mind was racing. I had never felt so scared or confused. My mum was so at a loss, we found ourselves sat in the kitchen with two (very handsome) paramedics in my kitchen explaining that I was having panic attacks continuously. With a shake up of my all meds, I finally started to get back on the mend - and within time, my virus left my system. The anxiety around my health did not.

Fast forward a month or so, I had just lost my grandfather after months of saying goodbye but not really knowing when he would pass, everything hit me again. Without even knowing - and tbh choosing to ignore it - I was unconsciously stressed. On the surface I was fine, at night however I was tired yet wired. My mind could not rest and I suddenly had insomnia. I was falling asleep at 5am after counting the hours go past, then waking at 7am to get ready for work, going through the motions on autopilot with my anxiety rearing it's head. I was so exhausted, yet desperately frustrated that I couldn't simply drift off. Sleeping pills did nada - my doctor even commented that not even a horse tranquilliser would put me under. This is where she put me in touch with a therapist that specialises in CBT, short for cognitive behavioural therapy.

The NHS describes CBT as a way to talk through your problems and help you deal with them in a more positive way.

'It is based on the concept that your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions are interconnected, and that negative thoughts and feelings can trap you in a vicious cycle. CBT aims to help you crack this cycle by breaking down overwhelming problems into smaller parts and showing you how to change these negative patterns to improve the way you feel.'

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been meeting with my therapist to break down my anxiety and determine that I am not ill anymore and the panic I feel is just short term. East Croydon still happens to my panic attack destination of choice, and sometimes I feel on edge without knowing why. I still feel dizzy and 'out of it', even though my virus has gone, my anxiety cannot determine whether I am ill, or I'm just panicking under the surface. Not only have I found it incredibly hard to do simple things like jumping on the tube without feeling like I'm trapped, my periods have been non-existent due to stress (which in turn sets off my anxiety), my skin turned greyish and my immune system took a massive battering. However, slowly but surely, I have come off the heavy duty pills I was prescribed and taking it day by day.

There is no shame in therapy. Even though I cringe a little when I tell family or colleagues that I have an appointment with my therapist and that yes, it is nerve-wracking that I'm opening my world to a complete stranger. But from that first moment I spoke to her and everything came out, bits and pieces that I did not want to share and burden my friends, family and work colleagues with - it was that recognition of 'you have had a tough time Sarah, and it's ok to be feeling like this' from this person, a stranger, that made my world align.

We spend so long pretending everything is perfect, but sometimes life is hard, and without realising, even though you think you've got what it takes to take whatever in your stride, it pulls the carpet from under your feet and leaves you exposed. And you know what? That's ok. Because you are only human and sometimes it takes time to step back and pop everything into prospective. Yes I may have a wobble here and there, but I am going to be ok.

And of course, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one simply remembers to turn on the light.

Thank you to Amy and Victoria for listening to me prattle on and keeping me sane. 


28 June 2016

The Lust List | 12 Summer Dresses

Despite the fact I have officially named this month 'doom 'n gloom' June - it hasn't managed to put a dampener on summer wardrobe (yet). Even if I er, mighta not had a chance to wear it quite yet.

Forever on the hunt for pretty 'n sweet, easy to throw on summer dresses though, Urban Outfitters has become my new found destination for my holiday style. Just take a look at these swish dresses, they'll be sure to have you in a summer daze - I'll take the lot.

Long gone are the days of scanning and squinting through endless ASOS pages, you da boss UO.

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