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7 July 2013
That's what dreams are made of! Cuba.
As an avid list maker, when it comes to holidays: packing is my forte. Whether you are jet-setting off on a tropical adventure or taking a city break, when it comes to packing - one word springs to mind: nightmare! Well fear no more, as I've got it covered.

After noting down all my holiday must-haves over the past two years, I finally jotted them down in list form and have had it highly requested ever since - including quite a few bloggers! With Corrie and Leanne (who is setting off on her honeymoon in a few months time) giving it a good run down, I decided to share my list on a wider platform and popped into a PDF format a few weeks back (geek alert!) for you to download and tick off as you pack - for sharing is caring right?

So say goodbye to packing woes, whip out that suitcase and learn to pack like a PRO! 

You can download the PDF here or click above...

A few other handy tips I've picked up along the way:                           

  • Always pack a Dove soap instead of shower gel, it's easier to carry (no leakages) and perfect to shave with!
  •  I will never be without my hand exfoliator gloves - yes slightly weird but perfect for gently exfoliating for a primped and preened tanning sesh.
  • Whack aftersun in the hotel room fridge for an extra 'ahhh oohhhh' cooling feel after a long day in the sun.
  • Keeping my hair in check, I always stick to handfuls of Pantene Moisturising shampoo and conditioner, Aussie Three Min Miracle (life saver!) and leave in conditioner spray or oil to lock in moisture and fit the frizz! Holiday products don't need to break the bank. 
  • You can't beat an adorable pair of slippers for the plane or walking around your hotel room, slather your poor feet in moisturiser after showering too - the sand will take toll on your tootsies!
  • Always pack a small pouch/make-up bag to carry your essentials in within your handbag, such as purse and phone - it will make it easier to reach and avoid that manic panic when you can't find it.
  • When jetting off on holiday with friends last year, we stayed in a villa sharing one safe which could have been the recipe for disaster. However I picked up a few small plastic wallets (like this!) that we were each able to store our money and passports, without having an awkward mix-up.
  • Roll up a few plastic bags in your suitcase for dirty laundry upon your return, perfect for bikinis (espesh if your swimming before your flight!) and knickers.  

If you're lucky to be setting off for a tropical adventure this summer, never need be a panic again and check off the list as you go. All I need now is to book the holiday ;)

Let me know your top packing tips or whether I've missed anything off... 

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